Filter the Noise

by White Bear Polar Tundra

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od4th very interesting album.
well done) Favorite track: Brother Lion.
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released August 25, 2016

Produced by Eric Broestl and White Bear Polar Tundra

Basic tracking live to tape engineered by Eric Broestl at Big Red Studio in Corbett, OR. Overdubs engineered by Nate Stoll at Soundscape City in Portland, OR. Assistant engineering by Blake Jefferson

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 mixed by Nate Stoll at Soundscape City ( Tracks 3 and 4 mixed by Matt Bayles at Red Room Recording in Seattle, WA (

Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA (

Vocals - Zein Hassanein
Guitars and piano - Patrick Beaulieu-Hardin
Bass - Ethan Bear
Drums - Nate Stoll

Cello on Nairobi and Solstice - Sei Harris
Violin on Solstice - Alex Carlson
Additional vocals on Nairobi and Waves - Carmelle Kniss
Additional vocals on Fireflies - Cassie Beucherie
Choir on Cities and Porous and Black - The Divisionaries (Ethan Allred, Carmelle Kniss, Mac Cooper, Andrew Erickson, Annie Fassler, Jonah Luke Geil-Neufeld, Alison Noe, Carolyn Pursinger, Emilie Sanchez, Grace Schoenlank, Greg Soto, and Leah Weston)

Album design by Karim Hassanein
Album photographs taken in Antarctica by Ian Mannix



all rights reserved


White Bear Polar Tundra Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Sifter
Filter the noise through your teeth and lips
Preach your story with the bend in your wrist
Unattainable and absent
Bet you think you’re a sifter, and we are made of sand
But we scream louder than a storm and we’re getting out of hand
Spend a day as a drifter: Sleep under the stars
Hungry ears and lies don’t tell us who we are
Empty the well; it’s poisonous
Fill your cavern with weightlessness
All I am is dirt and ashes
Smile empty Earth, you’re a rerun
Smile quiet planet, taste the flash of the sun
Unbelievable and imminent
Track Name: Nairobi
Tights boots grumble, crumble the dirt under, plunder the Earth
Tight boots, humble, mumble that it’s too soon, new moon’s rebirth
Way away, where they worry, breach the wild
Stay and play, what’s the hurry?Preach a while
Bright lights! Scatter! Shatter the atmosphere! Most fearful sight
Bright lights matter, had her at age fourteen, forty a night
Wash away, watch them hurry! Tame your beast
Stay and play, what’s the worry? Claim your feast
Light lace loosens, Boots instigates first move, thirst proves her right
Light lace, new skin, few spins around the bar, a star tonight
Wash away where they were we face a smile
Will you stay, and be buried? Stay my child
Track Name: Brother Lion
I was formed; I grew to be a man.
Before I saw, I came to understand:
My brother’s skin is such a richer shade.
He wears the earth, his hair a pitch-black mane.
I’ve waited long enough, how long will it be
Before they look at him the way they look at me?
I can hide behind my bluish eyes
My olive skin I wear as a disguise
The desert air is in my breath
The longest river in my chest
I’ve waited long enough, how long can it last?
I’ve heard it all before, leave your hatred in the past
Brother Lion, would you use my voice to share your roar?
Together we can reach them tethered to a line worth pulling forward
Together we can reach them
We were raised on hope and forged in fire
The world is ours; a future we’ll inspire
My brother lion roar with me
We’ll make them hear what they can’t see
I’ve waited long enough, how long will it be?
Before they look at you the way they look at me
Track Name: Waves
Tower of light erupts out of the water
Shimmer in the waves and in your hair.
Follow me south, just a little bit further:
Through a forest, on a cliff, and into the air.
I am not the kind to lack a clear direction,
But it seems perfection draws me down there.
I want it to last, so last, last as long as it can.
React to my every calculated advance.
Inject me with all your eco-groove-medicine.
We’ll break through this fever, right here in the sand.
Wash me over with your mellow blue.
Tunnel vision floats me back to you.
Set fire to our palates as the sun falls in bliss,
Let the truth of our thoughts be fulfilled by our lips.
Track Name: Cities
Residential concrete, an urban jumble
Hard to follow my feet and not stumble
See myself in others’ eyes, meager and humble
Heavy as I start to rise, feel the earth rumble
Ragged lines and tattered skin, blackened clothes and soul within
Etch a name into a wall—reminder you were there at all
Leather lungs and bloodshot gaze, hunger feeds unhealthy haze
High on smoke and broken down, staring deep into the ground
Look at them on the street, do they really need to eat?
Ragged lines and tattered skin, blackened clothes and soul within
She’s strung out but so am I know every one has got their high
Acne scars upon her face, in her arms a future waste
He’s a boy, barely two, what is he worth to you?
Look at them on the street, why do they really need to eat?
Beg for life, will you share?Will it help if you care?
Track Name: Porous and Black
Mountain on her heart, iron ore her veins
Drill into her core, can you make your way to the center and back?
Can you stand the heat?Lava in her mouth
Spilling down her chin, charring your insides porous and black
Melting your mantle, I will sizzle slow
And I would love to see the day
When you spread your warmth in every way
Entrenched in heat and engulfed in flow by the mouth of a volcano
If she lets it run, will you stop her show
While you fill your lungs with her hiss and glow
'Til she hardens and cracks?
Track Name: Um al-Dunya
Thank you all for meeting me here, where the ocean meets the sand.
Cup some water in your hand, percolate into the land.
I had a dream last night it all disappeared.
Look around for pictures of home, draw the details of a smile.
I have stared into the Nile, stored its liquid in a vial,
Less like water, more like bile.
How can we trust their memories can be cloned?
Scenes and stages, burning pages, I’m my maker’s son.
As fire rages, human cages, I’m my mother’s son.
Stagnant but still running away, she’s deciding how to end,
Where to dry up at the bend, generations on the mend.
How many lives are lost in her wounds?
Sing, O Um-al-Dunya.
Track Name: Escapé
Could you possibly chase me?I’ve been planning my escape routes
Yes, I’ll tell the truth
Self-preservation erased me and I lack true definition
Still I look for proof
Of the way I lost myself. The war inside: Divine divide
I held my gun against my gut
The deepest round and the darkest cut
If you properly trace you might just beat me at my best move:
Hiding in the groove
Falling from grace of free air space, couldn’t dream a better home base
And we’re out to prove
I was trained to improve
My torture, self-inflicted. Fall as free, risk-addicted
Brace for impact! Stare death down
The deepest trench in the darkest ground I've even known
Track Name: Fireflies
Don’t you cry, the sky isn’t burning
Don’t you cry, it’s just some fireflies falling down.
Hush now baby and go to sleep
I know you’re hungry, but we have nothing to eat, so just sleep.
I know it’s loud but I’ll sing soft.
The power’s out, so just drift off
Drift off.
I locked the door we’ll be ok, and everything is fine today
Listen to me while I sing this lullaby
Ignore those sounds outside and baby please don’t cry, it’s alright.
I know it’s loud, but I’ll sing soft, and what they do is not enough
These fireflies will break our homes,
They’ll hurt our ears and break our bones
Our bones.
Shut the night out, you don’t need to worry
I’ll lock their light out! I’ll keep those fireflies from getting in.
I’ll lie beside you, make sure you’re warm. Here, take my blanket,
I’ll sleep on the floor, there’s no room.
Track Name: Solstice
If you look through my lenses, you will see, you will see.
Your own face, is it smiling? Facing me, facing me.
Peer into your own eyes, can you read them?
Do they pull ever away? Would you follow?
I can feel the warm breathing of the wind on my neck.
Remnants of her incision, or the curve in her back.
Peer into your own mind, can you feel it
Emanate from inside? Would you believe it?
I felt at ease when you said you’d show me.
Hey, won’t you please make sure you know me.
Take me away, off to the side streets.
I wanted to stay when you warmed my cold, cold feet.
Removed my skin, and you memorized my insides,
You nullified my sin and you mesmerized my wild side
Peer into your own eyes, can you see now?
What was once, now is gone. Look at me, now.
Take your time, sip your thoughts away
Spill your wine, filler lie.